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Chase building materials research and development/Production/Sales in the integration of manufacturing enterprises

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To simplify the sales link,A bigger benefit customers

Shenzhen chase building materials co., LTD. Is a collection research and development、Production、Wholesale、Service in a body comprehensive enterprise。

The main products of the companyPVCWeiDang、Steel WeiDang、WeiDang steel structure、Plate WeiDang、Steel processing。

Shenzhen chase building materials,WeiDang new markets leading the construction site,pvcWeiDang,WeiDang steel production and sales of manufacturers。
Chase building materialsPVCWeiDang、Steel WeiDang meet the requirements of the shenzhen municipal government unified WeiDang。
Municipal standards

Meet the requirements of the shenzhen municipal government unified construction WeiDang

  • Has a group of experienced design、Production、Quality inspection、The installation、After-sales team
  • Successively with the China railway、China railway construction、The number of tietong、China building hydropower in China、China west China and other units to establish friendly relations of cooperation。
Supply stability

Strong production,Fully stocked with security

  • The introduction of more advanced equipment,Several automatic production lines
  • Conventional WeiDang carry large inventory,Implement customer order can arrange delivery
  • Professional installation team,Be able to complete the WeiDang installation fast and efficient
Chase building materials,Site WeiDang,Construction WeiDang manufacturers,Supply stability,Freedom of factory production and sales。
Shenzhen chase building materials,pvcWeiDang manufacturers,Steel WeiDang manufacturers
Quality certification

Strong bearing capacity、Wind resistance coefficient is high、Strong stability

  • Products through"ISO9001System certification"Such as quality certification
  • Strict production process,Each product has been inspection report,The good faith management
  • Cengcengbaguan quality inspection personnel,Ensure the production of high quality products
Brand protection

The big brands,Then can let you rest assured shu xin worry

  • In view of the different industries customers,After sales team will be targeted to provide services。
  • Is the result of more high quality products of raw materials,The processing technology,Testing standards
  • Chase building materials,Place the order with the customer,You can arrange loading,Delivery installation services allow you to rest assured。
Shenzhen chase building materials co., LTD,Brand protection

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Chase building materialsPVCWeiDang/Steel structure WeiDang production sales installation of integrated services

Shenzhen chase WeiDang building materials manufacturers

Shenzhen chase building materials co., LTD. Was established2013Years,Is a professional research and development、Production、Wholesale、The installation、Services in an integrated production-oriented enterprises。 Company specializing in the production:AThe class of the lacquer that bake WeiDang、CClass WeiDang fabricated steel、PVCWeiDang, etc。In shenzhen、Dongguan respectively, a production base,WeiDang is widely used in construction、WeiDang road、Site WeiDang、WeiDang municipal roads、WeiDang subway construction, etc,Has the most advanced production equipment in the industry,A high degree of automation,Has a group of experienced design、Production、Quality inspection、The installation team;Has a strong production capacity,Ensure the spot at any time,Can achieve the customer order shipment immediately after installation,Customers also can be customized production according to the actual demand。To check the details

Chase building materials factory
Chase building materials factory
Chase building materials factory
Chase building materials factory
Chase building materials factory
Chase building materials factory
Chase building materials factory
Chase building materials factory
Chase building materials factory
Chase building materials factory
Chase building materials factory
Chase building materials factory
Chase building materials factory

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  • 08-07
    Construction site construction WeiDang material specification requirements

    Construction site construction WeiDang material specification requirements,The construction site construction WeiDang specifications,Knowledge of construction site construction WeiDang installation1、As a general rule, be WeiDang height2.5Meters high,The main body...

  • 08-05
    Construction WeiDang-New WeiDang prefabricated steel structure

    Shenzhen chase WeiDang building materials manufacturers,New steel structure WeiDang,New steel structure WeiDang must by the professional design,Construction unit should strictly in accordance with design drawings and standard construction...

  • 08-02
    Shenzhen WeiDang-WeiDang prefabricated steel structure construction

    Shenzhen WeiDang,WeiDang prefabricated steel structure construction,Shenzhen chase building materials construction WeiDang before installation is usually civil has formed will deliver the brick or the bottom of the concrete is poured concrete foundation,Can use machinery...

  • 08-02
    The subway WeiDang prefabricated construction steel structure

    Subway construction steel structure WeiDang WeiDang material specification and the subway construction steel structure,Subway construction steel structure WeiDang does not rust、Corrosion resistance,No need to paint,Greatly reduces the daily d...

  • 07-24
    PVCSite WeiDang

    pvcWeiDang building construction site,With high commercial value,But in actual construction,Dust on the construction site,Materials equipment disorderly stack,Chase building materials WeiDang arises at the historic moment...

  • 09-09

    PlasticspvcWeiDang for amorphous structure of white powder,Branching degree is smaller,Relative density1.4The left and right sides,Glass transition temperature77~90℃,170℃Began to break down...

  • 09-09
    PVCEngineering WeiDang

    pvcEngineering WeiDang,Is the engineering construction safety maintenance,According to certainpvcEngineering WeiDang requirement standard,Retaining work around,On the outside of WeiDang metope should be posted...

  • 09-06
    Shenzhen municipal standardspvcThe construction site WeiDang specification

    Shenzhen issued municipal WeiDang standard specification,Make a site construction WeiDang more standard unification,Today's small make up take you to understand the WeiDang manufacturerpvcThe construction site...

Chase building materials to undertake a large project to cooperate with state-owned enterprises

Shenzhen chase building materials co., LTD


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