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Xiamen JinLi automation co., LTDLocated in the high-tech torch park of xiamen,Is a professional engaged in non-standard automation equipment design and development and production and to undertake automation engineering development and transformation of high and new technology enterprise。The company was established in April 24, 2009,The registered capital of ErBai one of thousands of RMB。The company is acted on“Quality and efficient、The pursuit of excellence”The aim of the,Has a professional technical team in industrial automation,Established a perfect quality management system,Ensure that from the product design and development、Raw materials procurement、Parts processing、The machine assembly and debugging to the products can be in accordance with the technical specifications、Standard、Contractual agreements and regulatory requirements。
Company is mainly engaged in high-precision testing equipment、Design、The development and production of low-voltage electrical appliances、Electrical and electronic automation equipment、Automatic production lines and intelligent online monitoring and control system software、Provide automation equipment technical consultation and after-sales service。The main products are flatness、The thickness of the testing equipment,Axis、Diameter of the testing equipment,Micro drill diameter、Pulse testing equipment,Camera module displacement、Angle detection equipment,Switch life testing equipment,Electronic integrated testing machine,Automatic dispensing machine,Automatic riveting contact machine,Automatically lock screw machine,Automatic assembly equipment……
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GFCIComprehensive testing machine production line
Relay marking、One production line
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   The sales staff2017.03.30
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